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Dungeness Crab Triggers

Catching Crab a New Fashioned Way

We wanted to show Dungeness fishermen an option when it comes to buying new gear. These prototype pots were made for Capt. Neptune by Lance at Dungeness Gear Works (DGW) in Everett, WA. They were made for “show and tell” purposes. That’s why they feature 3 different trigger styles. It’s 42″ in diameter and 12″ high. They were webbed with nylon mesh to show this option to stainless steel wire. A few Dungeness fishermen had their pots re-webbed with Spectra mesh at DGW last year and came back with good reports. If you’re interested in buying some new gear, give Lance a call to talk about the 3 triggered Neptune pot.

We’re also working with Lance to build a prototype 42″ square Dungeness pot with Neptune Triggers on 3 of the sides. The 4th side, opposite the bridle, can be either a side opening door, or, fixed if a top access door is preferred.

Innovation in all fisheries is the status quo. We’re hoping that our new Dungie triggers will be part of the ongoing innovation that happens in the commercial Dungeness fishery. Please call about our limited time offer to provide free trigger samples to commercial fishermen for testing Neptune Dungie Triggers on some of their ‘junker’ pots.

Following is our Dungie Trigger brochure that shows the various trigger options available.

See Our Dungie Brochure Here

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