Specialty Products for Fish and Shellfish Pots and Traps


Suitable for American eels, Hagfish and other slime eels. Might have applications in catching other species as well such as octopus, shrimp or small fish.

Trigger fingers can be used as is, or can be selectively cut to create custom entrances. Trigger on left is the original molded shape


Inside diameter at mouth is 4” and narrows down around ½” at the end. Overall length is 8”. Opening diameter where fingers start is about 2 1/2″.

Priced at $1.75 each for orders of 500 or less

$1.70 each for orders of 1,000 units

$1.60 each for orders over 2,000 units

Ground freight charges via UPS to the East Coast costs $.12 per unit for boxes holding 500 units. Expect higher per unit freight charges for lesser amounts.


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