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International Dealers for Neptune Marine Products

Traditionally, Neptune Marine has sold direct to fishermen around the world without the
use of a dealer network. We always thought it best to talk directly with fishermen to make
sure they understood the options that Neptune Triggers offer to various fisheries. Over
time, we have identified 3 exclusive dealer areas that would offer us better access to
distinct markets if we created a dealer relationship. We feel they understand our product
and will do a good job in marketing to a diverse market covering many fisheries. Their
prices reflect the high cost of air freight, in addition to custom fees, brokerage services and a modest profit. Our dealers have agreed to stock materials and work with us to help fishermen with all the options possible with Neptune Triggers.

While the unit cost of each Trigger might seem high, keep in mind,… that in most cases,
the Neptune Triggers pay for themselves the first time a pot is pulled. The fishermen
benefit from then on…. with better catches. Capt. Neptune can only smile!

Please contact our dealers directly to purchase the components used to make Neptune
Trigger entrances. Contact the following exclusive International dealers.

For New Zealand and Australia

Please contact us directly by either calling or using the contact form above.

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