Specialty Products for Fish and Shellfish Pots and Traps

Common Alaska Trigger Models


Some of our triggers are designed specifically for the Alaskan market based on regulatory requirements and industry preferences. The following special Alaska section details the triggers commonly used in the cod pot fishery and the Golden king crab fishery.

In the Alaskan cod pot fishery, the maximum entry size is 9” X 9”. Fishermen are required to use halibut excluding devices on all groundfish pots. These vertical steel dividers are used to break larger trigger sizes into legal sized openings. Common cod trigger sizes are 9” X 18”, 9” X 27” and 9” X 36”. Note all these sizes are divisible by 9” and represent inside dimensions of our cod triggers. Historically, fishermen used 7” converted king crab pot tunnel eyes to mount our triggers. Some fishermen still use this model which is called the MX7 and measures 7” X 34”. A variation on this length uses a 9” end piece and is called the MX9 Model and measures 9” X 34”.

Prices listed are for one trigger unit.

Trigger Model Inside Dimensions Assembled Price Component Price
9 X 18 ID = 9” X 18” $17.50 $10.50
9 X 27 ID = 9” X 18” $19.00 $12.50
MX 7 ID = 7” X 34” $22.50 $14.00
MX 9 ID = 9” X 34” $23.00 $14.30
9 X 36 ID = 9” X 36” $23.25 $14.85

Add $.50/trigger for box charge on assembled triggers if shipped.


Excluders are devices used to break the trigger opening into legal sized openings. This is required to minimize the bycatch of halibut and crab. The use of these divisions allow the the Alaska cod pot fishery to be the ‘cleanest’ and most selective method of harvesting cod. Alaska regulations allow a maximum opening size of 9” X 9”. In order to accomplish this with Neptune Cod Triggers, we offer two Excluder sizes for our triggers. They are made with plastic coated galvanized 10 gauge wire and marine grade aluminum clips.

There is the 9” X 9” Square design that is used on either the 9 X 18 trigger or the 9 X 27 trigger. In the 9 X 18 trigger, the excluder is offset to one side. In the 9 X 27 trigger, it is centered. It is referred to as the 9X9 SQ Excluder and is sold for $1.00 each.


We also offer a 9” X 18” Side by Side Excluder suited for the 9 X 36 and the MX9 trigger. It is center mounted creating 4 legal sized openings. It is referred to as the 9X18 SXS Excluder. It is priced at $1.25 each.


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